Image Library

Access a huge library of images from Pexels.

With the Mamma browser plugin, accessing an extensive Pexels image library has never been easier. Instantly enrich your new tab browsingt experience with high-quality visuals, saving time and effort. Elevate your content with a seamless image integration experience. Explore endless visual possibilities with Mamma!

Save and catalogue your favourites.

Unlock the power of organization with the Mamma browser plugin. Save and catalog your favorite websites effortlessly. Streamline your online experience by accessing them in a blink. Stay organized, boost productivity, and have all your go-to sites at your fingertips. Simplify your browsing with Mamma!

Quickly find a wallpaper for you within Mamma’s Library.

Experience convenience like never before with the Mamma browser plugin. Effortlessly discover the perfect wallpaper within Mamma’s extensive library. Instantly transform your desktop into a stunning visual masterpiece, elevating your daily workspace. Enjoy a fresh, inspiring backdrop each day with Mamma – your gateway to endless creativity.

Upload your own images to customise your landing page.

Personalize your landing page effortlessly using the Mamma browser plugin. Easily upload your own images to create a unique and tailored browsing experience. Express yourself, showcase your style, and make every new tab your own. With Mamma, your online world reflects your individuality, bringing joy to your daily interactions.

Upload your own images to customise your landing page.

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