Organise your browser with bookmarks.

Enhance your browsing efficiency with the Mamma browser plugin. Organize your browser effortlessly by sorting and presenting your website bookmarks easily. Enjoy quick access to your favorite sites, streamline your online activities, and eliminate clutter. With Mamma, you’re in control, making your browsing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Quickly add bookmarks from open tabs.

Simplify your web organization with the Mamma browser plugin. Effortlessly add bookmarks from open tabs, reducing manual efforts and saving time. Keep track of important websites, stay organized, and easily retrieve your go-to pages. Mamma enhances your browsing experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Curate your bookmarks with collections.

Refine your web organization with the Mamma browser plugin. Curate your bookmarks into collections for effortless categorization. Enjoy streamlined access to related content, improved workflow, and a clutter-free browser. Mamma enhances your browsing, ensuring you find what you need with ease and efficiency. Elevate your online experience with Mamma!

Save your favourites with a click.

Effortlessly preserve your favorites with a single click using the Mamma browser plugin. Enjoy the convenience of quick access to your preferred websites, eliminating the need to search repeatedly. Enhance your browsing efficiency and make the most of your online time with Mamma, simplifying your web experience.

Trust In Mamma

The Mamma New Tab Chrome Extension offers a practical, customizable and secure way to use your Chrome browser. While the Mamma New Tab Chrome Extension is a new product from the team at, our business is mature and experienced.

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