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Kmart coupon codes & promo codes September 2016

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10% Off Celebrity Styles

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$5 Off Orders over $50

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10% Off Orders over $75

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Extra 20% Off Select Fine Jewelry

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Blue Light Specials

Kmart has always tried to make shopping at its stores a fun experience whether or not you’re using a Kmart promo code.

Its best known way of doing this is the universally loved ‘Blue Light Special’. A store worker runs to one specific part of the store and sets off a mobile police light while shouting about the Kmart offer that’s just been made.

Backed up by an announcement on the public address system, the ‘Attention Kmart shoppers’ phrase has become a cliche of our time, appearing in films such as ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Rain Man’ and ‘Beetlejuice’. The store has also introduced a ‘Mr Bluelight’ mascot, a talking, blue lightbulb who gives customers a bit of company during their shop while pointing out the latest deals.

kmart coupons & discount codes

The many stores of Kmart

The discount Kmart brand has spread into many different avenues, from its standard discount department stores to its online website, where Kmart coupon codes are able to be used.

Its Big Kmart stores offer everything their smaller predecessors do, only with a bit more home décor, food items and children’s clothing added to the mix. Kmart Super Centers are similar, only with a more varied food section.

Then come the more niche discount brands where your Kmart promo code can be used, such as the KDollar discount stores, the K-Cafe in-store restaurants and the Kwash laundromats. Some larger Big Kmart and Super Kmart stores have opened their own Kmart Express gas stations, as well as K-Fresh sections inside. Kmart Dental also signals how diverse the company is becoming in its ventures.

Kmart discount coupons

If you’d like to get your Kmart products and goods at even lower prices than usual, all you need to do is take one of our Kmart coupon codes; type the Kmart promo code into the relevant box on the company’s website, and watch as the savings start flowing in.

Brand Information

As the third biggest discount chain store in the whole of North America, Kmart is no small player on the supermarket scene - which is why Kmart coupons are no small promotion either.

With just under 1,000 stores across 49 US States, as well as a few overseas territories too, the discount brand’s trademark ‘K’ logo is known throughout the nation, just like its legendary ‘Blue Light Special’ moments.

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