Find the Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Posted 1 year ago by Pete

You waltz through the doors with flowers in your hand, ready to present the love of your life with a gift on his or her birthday, or perhaps to celebrate an anniversary. The usual gift ideas tend to run old after a while. You could try wholesale bath bombs as they are perfect for adding an extra sparkle to relationship or marriage into a raging fire once again.

What is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are best described as a hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients that will actually effervesce when it comes into contact with water, sort of like a glorified effervescent vitamin C pill. They make bath time a whole lot more pleasant, and are commonly called into action with the addition of essential oils, scents, bubbles, and even introducing some much needed color into regular bathwater. It looks like the traditional yellow rubber duckie is not the only icon left to make bath time more fun, as bath bombs will cater for not only adults, but it might entice the little ones into taking more regular baths as well. After all, children love all things that are different and unique, and a bath bomb provides the necessary when it comes to scrubbing away the day’s dirt and grime. Adults would love to have a bath bomb to add some spice into a potentially amorous situation, too.

The pleasant smells that emanate from an immersed bath bomb will certainly release a sense of well-being to the person who is taking a bath. Not only that, certain smells do trigger pleasant memories from the past, and bath bombs are the perfect gift for any loved one as it allows one to access a slew of happy moments from before while soaking away the day’s stress and tension.

While bath bombs tend to arrive in a spherical shape do not be surprised if you were to come across other kinds of shapes and sizes – such as in the form of tablets or lumps. While one can easily pick up a bath bomb from a wholesale store or an online shop, the more enterprising person can also make his or her very own bath bomb right in the comfort of one's own home.

Why Amor Bath Bombs?

Amor Bath Bombs offer a wide variety of bath bombs that are sure to keep your loved one happy. There are ring bath bombs, wholesale surprise bath bombs that come with a small toy figurine within, and for those who would like to really make a mark with their next gift, why not consider an order of more than 50 bath bombs? Taking that route would allow you to benefit from a private label, which makes the gift all the more perfect as it comes with that added touch of personalization.

Amor Bath Bombs offer far more than just your regular, run-of-the-mill bath bombs which could result in an allergic reaction or skin irritation due to the additives, fragrances and dyes used. All of Amor Bath Bombs' products are handmade using organic and vegan ingredients, so you can be sure that they are also cruelty free.