A guide to shopping for hosting

Posted 1 year ago by Pete

Finding an Australian web host isn’t easy, that’s why it’s definitely important to read user reviews and see which one fits your budget and needs. Keep in mind Australian Internet is notoriously slow given their rate of urbanization and technology development.

Here are some things to consider before signing up with a new web hosting company

1. Where Are Their Datacenters?

This might seem like a strange question to ask, but first let’s look at what a datacenter really is. Basically, it’s a fancy term for a web server or where your website's information is stored. Web servers differ in strength in two regards. First, the systems they are using will determine their uptime/downtime and a host of other factors. Second, is distance. The further away the datacenter the slower the signal will be.

2. How’s Their Support?

Having great web support is essential to any quality web host. Australian hosting companies based in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are notorious for their slow support systems, no live chat and outsourced support. You’ll need to do your research and find a host that offers free helpful chat.

3. Do They Offer Free SSL?

It’s important to ask if the hosting company offers free SSL. SSL or secure socket layer builds an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the datacenter ensuring that all transmitted information is confidential and safe from hackers. A lot of hosts will charge you a low monthly plan because they know they will get you with the upsells - SSL is one of these.

4. How’s Their Uptime?

Uptime is the amount of time a website is up and running without going down. If you’re a small business you’ll want reliable uptime. Nothing looks more unprofessional than having your website go down when a potential client goes to check it out. Uptime of 99% and above are indications of a quality host that knows that they’re doing.

Does it Allow You to Scale Up?

Having a hosting plan that allows you to scale up with your usage is an element to consider as well. Starting with the most basic shared hosting package is the best way to go as it means you can use server resources as you need without paying an excessive amount of money for resources you aren’t using.

5. Final Thoughts of Finding the Best Australian Web Host in 2017

When it comes to web hosting in Australia, you really need to do your homework. Don’t be overly ambitious and pick a plan that works for you now. As your web traffic increases you can go with a dedicated server or a VPS that allows you to handle more web visitors safely.