Money Saving Beauty Tips

Posted 10 months ago by Pete

The following beauty and makeup guide will help you save some money when buying beauty products.

There comes a time when saving becomes of prime importance, and you have to pore over your budget to see where you can cut expenses. Beauty products, being an essential part of your purchase list, they also come under scrutiny. Yet, however tight you must be with your money from now on, you don’t have to make major sacrifices. First, try a few judicious shopping techniques and see how you will fare with their help.

Switch on to brands that come cheaper

Start with this one that can cut down significantly on your expenses. Those who habitually pick shampoo advised by their salon or the best makeup kit there is, often pay no attention to lesser brands which are not so expensive but provide quality stuff. Try and downgrade on one brand name, and if you find it works fine for you, go discover less known brands that won’t cost you so much.

Join loyalty programs for beauty products

You are sure to have been buying enough products for you to appreciate the benefit of loyalty programs. Look up those of Sephora - their Beauty Insider program will give you points for every item bought which can be used to obtain marvelous samples. Then there is Ulta’s Rewards program offering points, coupons, and discounts. There may even be extra stuff to be handed out. Make sure you know all the benefits you can get by signing up.

Buy multi-task goods

If you don’t go heavily on makeup and are quite happy with wearing on the basic stuff, this is a great advice for you. Look for multi-task products, get one lipstick-blush item instead of buying two separate items.

Make a round of discount outlets

Probably you won’t even have to downgrade on your makeup if you go and see what bargains you can find at discount places (TJ Maxx and Marshall’s spring to mind instantly). You will be surprised at being able to unearth designer brands that go unbelievably cheap. Then again, you can find all sorts of products just dropping by one place - skincare products, nail polish, shampoo, you name it, they got it. Imagine buying everything at once – AND cheap!

Refresh your old mascara with several saline drops Here’s an easy way to prolong the life of your old mascara tube. Get hold of some contact saline solution – it will work wonders with the mascara by just dripping a couple of drops in – two or three will suffice. The only thing is to avoid unpleasantly contaminating contact between the tip of the bottle with saline solution and the mascara tube.

Put your makeup kit away in the fridge for longer life

Many makeup products (lipsticks, foundation, liners, etc.) contain oil which is apt to go bad with time. How often you had to throw away rancid foundation? The more temperature changes occur at your home during the year, the worse it will tell on your beauty stuff. Your cosmetics will remain fresh longer if stored in a fridge (or in another place which is dry and cool).

You have brought your product home and found it doesn’t suit you? Return it Makeup sellers and drugstores can take back beauty products which had been barely used. As you are looking for some good stuff and don’t have the time or desire to test it right there and then, inquire if they accept returns. It’s one fine way to cut losses and be sure you get only the things you like.

Look out for riven-up prices as you choose shades Stores and brands are known to hoist prices of shades that “come into season” (they would be bright ones for summer, pastel ones for spring, and nude ones for fall) though they went cheaper a while ago. Think about buying your favorite colors a bit earlier than they come in when there is no markup.

Use up everything that is in the package

You have used all the stuff inside? There may be quite a lot of it in the bottle yet, cut it open to see if you can scoop out more of it. Sample sizes can yield some more stuff, too – pick your packages clean!

Prepare your own beauty stuff

There are women that are accustomed to making things at home and there are those who aren’t. If you like home-made stuff, what about self-prepared cosmetics? You don’t need much time and special skills to prepare a body scrub, and it comes much cheaper this way. Why go and give away money for a lip exfoliator? You have honey, olive oil and sugar in your larder – mix some up and here is a pretty decent exfoliator for you. Remove makeup with coconut oil, wash your hair with apple cider vinegar at odd times – home stores can actually do a lot of beauty jobs thus helping you save quite a significant amount of money.

Once you’re into economy, try everything you can think of – buying with coupons, going for less famous (and less expensive) brands, going to outlets for cosmetics and toiletries, trying out new products and grabbing at deals.