5 Tips to Make Your Vehicle More Eco Friendly

Posted 1 year ago by Pete

Eco-friendly technology is a priority for car manufacturers today. And even if you own an older car model, you might want to research on the best catalytic converter prices to have your car fitted with one. This way, you will make a huge step in joining the Eco-friendly movement. Besides this, you can implement other techniques on your car which will ensure that the vehicle is fuel-efficient and safe to the environment.

Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind when making your drive more Eco-friendly

1. Get low-rolling resistance tires installed on your vehicle

Tire engineers are constantly researching ways of reducing deformation, deflection, and elastic delay which happens when a piece of rubber rolls with heavy weight on it. Tires also have an impact on the amount of gas you will consume. Low-rolling resistance tires are designed to preserve heat energy which translates to less gas consumption.

2. Close windows/reduce overdependence on your car’s AC

According to Consumer Energy Centre, increasing the intensity under which your AC operates will increase your gas consumption by up to 21%. On the other hand, rolling down the windows on a sunny day will reduce your car’s aerodynamic efficiency. But you can always use the flow-through ventilation on a cool day instead of rolling down the windows or turning on your AC.

3. Maintain the car you drive

Even when you own an older car which isn’t designed to consume less fuel or cut down emissions, maintaining that car can still make it Eco-friendly. A properly maintained car burns less fuel. What is more, the engines and other components are never forced to work as harder as those of a vehicle which isn’t properly maintained. Dirty or worn out spark plugs must be replaced immediately because they misfire and waste fuel in the process. Fuel and air filters that don’t operate optimally must be replaced as well. Check if your car is emitting abnormal fumes. Check for signs of sputtering. If these things are present, consult your mechanic immediately.

4. Do not put cargo on the rooftop

If you want to go Eco-friendly, haul cargo on the rear of your car using rear-mount cargo boxes which are designed for this very task. Putting cargo on the backseat or the trunk of your car is also a good idea instead of putting it on the roof. This is because rooftop cargo has been shown to reduce aerodynamic efficiency which can increase the amount of gas being consumed on the highway by 17%. That’s according to US. DOE.

5. Look into the gas cap while filling up

The gas cap is one of the most forgotten areas of a vehicle as far as fuel consumption is concerned. Most drivers simply don’t inspect the gas cap when refilling at the pump station. This lack of inspection often leads to cracks or other problems going unnoticed. Cracked or loose gas caps tend to waste fuel through vapor in the gas tank. Luckily, it can be fixed by your mechanic. And of course don’t forget to install a catalytic converter if your car doesn’t have one fitted. It might look like an expensive investment. But the rewards can be well worth it if you really mean making your vehicle more Eco-friendly.