5 Most Useful Programs for PC

Posted 1 year ago by Pete

PC's have become an important part of our daily life. If you’re like me, you probably work hard and play hard from your PC, requiring certain applications for your PC-toolbox.

Despite the fact that PCs are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, the programs that we need or want are often expensive, especially for those of us who live on a fixed budget such as college students.

However, another positive aspect of technology being readily accessible to everyone is that there are many cheaper alternatives available to users that can fit any budget. Below is a short list of useful PC programs you should have on your system. Best of all, they’re free.

1. AVG Antivirus

Antivirus programs can be some of the most expensive applications users can buy. Many of the most expensive subscription models that require you to renew every year. In today’s technological climate, having antivirus software is a necessity. Many free antivirus programs can’t compete with the top paid antivirus programs, but AVG Antivirus stands out as a free program that is nearly as good as its bigger competitors. It offers most if not all the same benefits of well-known names and doesn’t ask you to pay for those features. AVG offers a paid model, but it doesn’t use a pay gate to block you from the important features that you want in your antivirus software.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of those programs that looks very unassuming at first glance, but underneath that simple look is a powerful media player. VLC handles a little bit of everything from audio to video to podcasts, and it handles all these things comfortably, beating out many of its competitors. It can manage the demands of power users and lite users without overwhelming its users with all of its features.

3. Malwarebytes

To complement AVG Antivirus, we have Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is a powerful tool that eliminates malware from your system that your antivirus program might not be able to detect and remove. It’s important to keep in mind that Malwarebytes is not an antivirus program. It doesn’t prevent infection, but it will eliminate the threat once it detects it in a scan. It won’t conflict with your antivirus program of choice, and it’s a very light program that won’t add more bloat to your system.

4. LibreOffice

Microsoft Office is the king of office suites. While Microsoft Office offers many useful tools to assist users with their productivity, many users are put off by the hefty price tag that it carries. There are a few free alternatives that can serve the needs of most people, and LibreOffice is one of the best free options available. LibreOffice office is open source and can handle most document formats. LibreOffice also works on macOS and Linux if you’re a power user who works on multiple operating systems.

5. Spotify

Music gets many of us through long work days, tedious projects, and boring commutes. There are many music applications and sites that offer a way for users to listen to the music they love on their PCs, but Spotify’s free model is one of the best. Spotify has one of the most comprehensive musical catalogues to date. The paid version of Spotify adds some perks like removing ads, being able to play songs on demand, and saving playlists to your device, but the free version is enough to satisfy the appetite of most music lovers.

There are many important programs that I could recommend for people who use their PCs for a significant portion of their work and play. These are just a few important ones to get you started. These programs will save you money while filling your productivity and safety needs.